Documents & Files

On the following links you can find documents and files related to the issuing and publishing of LEI data.

Legal documents and forms

Here you can download or review forms needed for issuing or transfering LEI, as well as reviewing general terms and conditions of use of Service and access the zseLEI user manual.

Summary LEI data - Level 1

Level 1 summary data relate to basic business entity data, in particular data like name, address, business registry and other relevant data for unique designation of a business subject.

Data can be downloaded in the form of daily XML exports as specificated by GLEIF.


Summary LEI data - Level 2

Level 2 summary data relates to relationship data of business entities taken from Level 1 data. Depending on the legal possibilites, relationship can be reported in couple of way. Find out more...

Datafiles can be downloaded in the form of daily XML exports as specified by GLEIF.


List of resolutions related to the Service:
Resolution about Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) assignment fee discount


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